Best VST/AU Plugin Synths Today

By Genevieve Gatia on Mar 13, 2017 12:32 PM EDT

Making music is very different today compared to even 10 years ago. With the growth of the digital audio technology, we now have programmable audio equipment with the use of computer programs.

According to Wire Realm, Virtual Studio Technology or VST is a computer software interface that features sounds, effects, and editors that the MIDI controllers use to make music. The user can even change the sounds to create their own sound, making it a better option than analog because it can save money, time and easier to work.

The downside of the VST's is they are not cheap if you want a wide variety of options you will have to shed more money. The buyer should also consider what they want to choose in sounds, effects and editors bundle, what type of sound or effects the buyer looked for and the manufacturer must have reliable release updates, patches, and fixes as necessary.

With that in mind, according to Equip Board, here are their best VST synths available today. The Xfer Serum provides clear high-quality sound, incredible versatility, and a myriad of features, all based on a simple, intuitive workflow and it's user-friendly.

u-He Diva is also known as virtual analog synth because it tries to recreate the way a true analog hardware synth works. U-He Diva is also good to learn to synthesize because it's laid out so intuitively and because it's a powerful sound engine that will make any synth experts jealous.

Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra is a straightforward synth; the interface is just a single screen with no hidden menus or pages. The simplicity of the software might get you hooked because of its stability, it sounds great, and it doesn't hog CPU and its budget-friendly price tag.

KV331 Audio SynthMaster is deemed as the master of all synths because it is the combination of some of the most popular software synths available. The SynthMaster is nicely laid out that beginners should have a better time learning to synthesize and it's one-third the price of Serum and Diva, totally best for your buck.

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