Susan Hill Accuses A Bookshop For Anti-Trump Censorship: Authors Came To Rescue

By Genevieve Gatia on Mar 13, 2017 12:31 PM EDT

The author of Woman in Black, Susan Hill accuses the Norwich bookshop of anti-Trump censorship. Many authors like Patrick Ness, Joanne Harris, and Sarah Perry defended the bookshop after the accusation.

According to the Spectator where Susan Hill published the accusation, she said that the bookshop did not have books about Trump or any authors that are known to support, admire or had voted for him and only stocking those who oppose him and giving away those books for free. She continued that the act is a form of censorship and a bookshop should never indulge in that.

In result of this, Hill canceled her book signing event to promote her new novel, From the Heart, on the Norwich bookshop. She said that even though we have different views but if she was a bookseller, she should not have censored the books in terms of not putting them on the shelves, she added that a business must have neutral views about politics

The bookshop responded to the accusation on its Facebook page, saying that they are surprised about the accusation. The bookshop added that she has never been in the bookshop and almost all the stories Hill said about their stocks about banning books about Trump are fabricated.

According to The Guardian, many authors supported and defended the bookshop. Patrick Ness said that it is strange that the bestselling author attacks an independent bookstore that she's never been to and he asked if Hill might not hold an event at Waterstones since it has big front windows displays of It Can't Happen Here?.

Joanne Harris finds it strange that Hill attacked a bookshop over Trump when Trump was hardly endangered, unlike independent booksellers. Harris added that if any bookshop that is anti-Trump who wants to book her, she's available.

Sarah Perry describes Hill's article as irrational, she said that boycotting a bookshop because of censorship is just what she is doing right now, punishing people and businesses for expressing a political view.

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