EGGER Unveils Decorative Collection: Handcrafted Decorative Style Influenced By Artisan Crafts

By Genevieve Gatia on Mar 14, 2017 06:22 PM EDT

For 30 years, Martin Seeliger has been building acoustic guitars, his attention and dedication to the product, sound and material quality is impeccable. Because of this, his Lakewood guitars have been played across the globe by professionals and hobbyists alike.

According to Design Boom, set to launched in January 20017, EGGER explored the ancient art of craft and the artisanal manufacturing processes and interprets craftsmanship with their new handcrafted style collection. The Lakewood manufacturing plant in Giessen released on an average of 5 guitars a day and production level is steadily growing to make sure the high standards are still met.

The Lakewood guitars have preserved the spirit of the old style American steel string guitar; they have also updated the guitars with creative ideas and methods that transcend it into the modern age. Lakewood only uses timber to guarantee exceptional quality to their clients. Martin Seeliger personally inspects every guitar before shipment to make sure its quality.

According to Sleeper Magazine, EGGER presented their new decorative style collections for retail, handcraft, and architecture in January 2017. The new 9 decorative style collections are Colour meets Nature, Handcrafted, Nordic Style, Effective Surfaces, Living Nature, Loft Living, Industrial Style, Modern Classics, and Colour Systems.

Placed in grid format the 297 finishes for better overview and offer guidance in the selection process, and by grouping color tones and wood species in sets of nine; every color can be easily viewed alongside a variety of other colors and schemes. EGGER promotes the use of contrast edging, with 13 new accent edges being used as a design feature and featuring a black core and plywood effect.
The Handcrafted Style pays tribute to the art of craftsmanship, reflecting many similar manufacturing methods in its products.

The collection is inspired by the small-scale processing inherent in handcrafted surfaces, the deeply brushed wood reproductions through to sandblasted surfaces display the natural character of their materials.

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