Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' Debuts At $170 Million In North America, $350 Worldwide

By Kristine Garcia on Mar 20, 2017 01:36 AM EDT

Worldwide fans of the Disney fairytales are evidently excited with the "Beauty and the Beast" live-action adaptation. The tale as old as time that fans grew up with debut with an estimate box office hit of $170 million in North America and $350 million worldwide.

According to CNN Money"Beauty and the Beast" Disney live-action remake of its beloved 1991 animated film, made an estimated $350 million worldwide this weekend. "'Beauty and the Beast' is the latest example of Disney's perfectly executed strategy of going to their animation vaults, dusting off a classic and reinventing it as a modern live-action movie," said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at comScore (SCOR).

As reported by Mashable, the "Beauty and the Beast" remake of the 1991 hit opened at the top with an estimated $170 million hit on its debut. Beauty's opening weekend success was evident early on when it logged a $64.1 million opening day. "Beauty and the Beast" is the third best start of all time for a March movie, after Batman V Superman ($81.6 million) and The Hunger Games ($67.3 million).

The factor that contributed to the success of this film is because of "Beauty and the Beast" director Bill Condon. As reported by USA Today, Condon said that he needed to find out more about the characters and dig deeper in order to adapt this fairy tale in order to create a better-rooted backstories. Dan Stevens aimed to bring the impulsive prince’s inner wit to life, and waned to preserve the characters ability to make you laugh. The director said that for the role of Belle they wanted a strong female role model and that Emma Watson is the right and perfect person for it. 

"Beauty and the Beast" has faced a couple of issues especially that Condon announced that the movie will have scenes with a solely gay moment. It will be the first time for Disney to openly place scenes like this. Because of this daring move, "Beauty and the Beast" were banned from the Alabama theater and Russia rated the family-friendly fairytale for ages of 16 and up. 

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