Jazz Musician Legend Buddy Greco Dies at 90

By Genevieve Gatia on Jan 16, 2017 07:01 AM EST

After his long journey, Armando Greco the famous pop singer and jazz pianist passed away on Tuesday at the age of 90. Greco recorded more than 60 albums and hit with the version of "The lady is a tramp". 

According to Washington Post, Mr. Greco became a headliner in a super clubs and later then in four years he was featured at the Desert Inn's Starlight Lounge in Las Vegas. He had a few minor hits most memorable was with a 1960 version of "The Lady is a Tramp". 

His beloved son Buddy Greco Jr. declared his death to the desert Sun Newspaper of Palm Springs, California and did not provide any information about his death. Greco evolved from being a piano player who often sings swinging and also has a high energy spirit of entertaining the audiences. 

According to Los Angeles Times, he said in a 2008 interview that from the moment he was born he always know that his life is going to be in the music business. His First hit album "Oh Look-A-There Ain't She Pretty" sells over million of copies. 

He was born Armando Greco in South Philadelphia in 1962 at the age of four his mother introduce the music to him at an early age he began singing and performing on radio. At the age of 16, he was hired by Benny Goodman and-and spent four years with Benny's orchestra, singing and playing the piano. 

Mr. Greco used to hang out on the stage to perform with Dean Martin's Rack parts and Frank Sinatra though he was not an official member. He also performed with other musicians like Marilyn Monroe, Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne and even played for Queen Elizabeth II as well as with The Beatles. 

Despite Mr. Greco's ups and downs in his long career he remains passionate about his work and still striving for the best and to achieve success in life.   

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