'One Piece' Chapter 853 Spoilers: Sanji Decides Not To Leave His Family Behind; Chapter Delayed To Feature Old Character Ace

By Johny Smith on Jan 20, 2017 11:40 AM EST

"One Piece" manga will not see a new chapter this week as revealed in the last page of the previous release. Fans have to wait for few more days to know whether Luffy can help Sanji in saving the Vinsmokes in a rumored massacre to be done by the Pudding and Charlottes in the leadership of Big Mom.

Many spoilers about "One Piece" chapter 853 have made their rounds online. Can Luffy get soon enough to help Sanji and his family and construct a plan on how to defeat the Pudding and the Charlotte? Will Sanji be left out of friend and defend his family all by himself? And what is going to happen to Sanji in the hand of the Pudding and especially in the huge hand of Big Mom.

Meanwhile, Sanji's moment in the upcoming "One Piece" chapter might be coming to an end says Mobile N Apps. It is because Luffy's older brother Portgas D. Ace who is known to be dead will be featured in a spinoff, which will turn out to be a good news for long-time manga enthusiasts.

To those who don't know much about "One Piece" Character Portgas D. Ace here is a simple recap, Ace is also known as the "Fire Fist" Luffy's adopted brother who commands the Whitebeard Pirates but being hunted, got caught and got executed by the government. Luffy got pity to his brother and interrupt the execution resulting to a commotion where Luffy's life got in danger and then Ace risk his life to save him from the hand of Akainu.

According to Comic Book, Ace's death became a big factor why Luffy trained so hard and brought him for what he was today, a strong and a brave man. And that certain event encourage a younger pirate to train well and be a Pirate King. So the fans were definitely ready to learn more about the hot-headed man.

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