Top 3 Female Artists That Dominate The Auction Scene

By Staff Wrtier on Jan 20, 2017 12:00 PM EST

Almost all aspects of life are dominated by men and it has been an ongoing debate on who should rule. Even the art scene is owned by the male species but it doesn't mean that women can't take them on. A number of female artists have worked their way from the bottom to compete for the highest earning auction artist.

Jeff Koons may be today's highest earning auction artist, at $58.4 million for a balloon dog, according to ArtNet, but these women are currently gaining speed. As of this writing, however, the highest piece paid for a female auction artist might have a significantly lower figure so it may take some time for girl power victory. Nonetheless, here are three female auction artists that currently dominate the industry.

Yayoi Kusama is on top of the list. The auction price for White No. 28 went up to a bit over $7 million. It doesn't stop there, she also sold NO. RED B at around the same price, give or take a few tens of thousands. For those who do not know, Kusama is a Japanese contemporary artist that works on a range of media. This includes sculpture, film, installation, and painting. Her outputs mostly resemble dense patterns. Kusama has been living in New York since 1958 and is famed with the likes of Eva Hesse and Andy Warhol.

Up next would be Cindy Sherman. Sherman is fond of role play and it extends to her awesome photography. In fact, her photographs sell like hotcakes. Her highest one-time sale went up to $6.7 million during a Christie's event. The theme was for contemporary art. Her other works also rake in more than a million dollars each.

Last, but certainly not least, would be Bridget Riley. Her forte is on Op-Art paintings and they constantly attract buyers and critics at the same time. Her top one-time sale went up to almost $6 million via her masterpiece "Untitled (Diagonal Curve). Up to 15 of her paintings sold for over a million dollars, each.

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