New Eminem Album Might Feature Collaboration With Adele, Release Date Speculated

By Staff Writer on Jan 25, 2017 09:50 AM EST

Eminem is at it again with his 2017 album and a bunch of artists who might have already shown dibs on participating in it. The number of talents interested on Marshall Mather's album for the year is ballooning to the point that these artists may need to form a line and wait on a queue. With that said, anticipation for the album has now sky-rocketed.

The multiplatinum rapper has already given his fans huge hints that he is busy working on his new songs. These songs hopefully should turn into a proper album to be deemed: Eminem New Album 2017. The year has just begun yet fans are now giddy for a new Eminem album. The last album the rap icon made was The Marshall Mathers LP 2 which was released 4 years ago. Here is the big juicy announcement from Eminem himself, the campaign speech video can also be viewed at the bottom of this article:

Demi Lovato is among the famous artists interested in collaborating with Eminem as reported by Inquistr. Lovato previously said that it is a dream to work on a song with Eminem. She also believes that by working with the Lose Yourself rapper, they'd do great things as a team. Lovato believes she can relate to him.

Making a second collaboration with Eminem is Skylar Grey's desire. She reportedly enjoyed working on their duet Kill for You. The said track was supposedly for Rihanna but ultimately it went to Grey. Snoop Dogg also expressed interest in working with Eminem, making a 'dream team' with Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar as members.

Speculations on Eminem working with Adele is also been reported as the award-winning singer is said to have worked on Eminem's single titled Success. although most likely not to happen. However, there is no confirmation from yet from either Eminem or Adele.

There is no set date yet for Eminem's 2017 album but it should come out within the year if all goes well. Longest wait could be 2018.

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