NYC Ballet’s Justin Peck, Robbie Fairchild glide to New York subway for ‘The Times are Racing’ trailer

By Staff Writer on Jan 26, 2017 08:34 AM EST

It was a normal day in Hudson Yards subway station when New York Ballet's talented dancers graced the platform with their outstanding moves. Justin Peck, the company's choreographer, gave the people a glimpse of NYC Ballet's amazing performance onstage along with the group's principal dancer, Robbie Fairchild.

As reported by NBC New York, Peck and Fairchild set out to turn the subway platform into their own ballet dance studio. They were wearing what a typical passer-by at the subway would wear. Perhaps the only thing setting them apart from the rest is the pair of special sneakers, helping them spin around and glide across the station.

Peck's exhibition on the subway was used for the trailer of the upcoming "The Times are Racing," which will debut on Jan. 26 at the Lincoln Center. In an interview with Peck by the New York Times, the talented choreographer revealed his plans for the ballet. Basing on the video itself, people will see ballet taking a modern form.

"I wanted the ballet to have a very human, urban look to it. The choreography draws from all sorts of dance styles and influences - a mix of ballet, tap, street, even breakdance - so it's important that the visual look of the piece can exist freely and confidently amongst those various styles," Peck said.

As for the trailer, Peck hoped to pick a location that would capture all the dance moves in a single take. They were able to find the perfect spot at the New York subway station. It took them up to 12 shoots to perform the short ballet sequences in the video.

"The Times are Racing" will use the last 4 tracks of the 2012 electronic album "America," prepared by renowned electronic musician Dan Deacon. Peck believes that the album would fit his ideas for the upcoming ballet concert, describing it as a "challenging and extraordinary piece of music."

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