Howard Johnson Hailed As ‘King of Jazz Tuba’

By Arman Dela Cruz on Jan 31, 2017 12:46 AM EST

The world of music is indeed huge. In fact, the very definition of it varies from time to time. One of the music's genre, Jazz, is a very widely known type that originated among African-Americans late 19th and early 20th century. 

It is very historical and significant in the world of music. The sound it produces gives more vibe having that energetic environment that can make its listener swing, jive, and dance to its beat. As of now, jazz music was incorporated into other types of genre having a mixed feel. Still, there are some who are purely into jazz.

One of the prominent instrument used in jazz music is a Tuba. Almost similar to a horn and saxophone combined. Recently, someone was hailed as the king of Jazz Tuba. His name is Howard Johnson, a very talented man and musically inclined person. He can play the baritone, reeds, and cornet. In the early 60s, he was already one of the world's top tuba soloists.

Being in the music industry for many decades, he has invaded multiple popular music genres from rock to R&B, soul to folk and even the singer-songwriter movement, according to Columbia Tribune. Indeed, his talent is being shared all across the globe. His musical prowess draws attention and inspiration not only to beginners but also to the experts. 

Howard Johnson is also part of a Jazz band named Gravity. It started at New York City in 1968 and had a chance to release an album a year after, according to All About Jazz. Each of the members has their own solo spots and each music they create is really pleasant and warm to its audiences. It is said that Johnson uses the F Tuba which has a higher length than the standard model helping him traverse familiar melodic passages.

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