House of Blues' New Home In Anaheim Will Also Provide Visual Treat For The Music Lovers

By Staff Writer on Jan 31, 2017 06:25 AM EST

The House of Blues has found a new hotspot in the Orange County of California. Leaving behind its old location, the new concert hall in Anaheim will shake up the town with incredible musical performances. Aside from the usual live music presentations, the Anaheim House of Blues will be offering something new for the patrons as it opens on Feb. 28.

As reported by ABC 7, the preview ceremony for the House of Blues at the Anaheim GardenWalk last week gave the public a peek at the new location. The Anaheim branch is said to be the concert hall chain's flagship location in Southern California, being twice as large as the old Downtown Disney venue. It will have four entertainment spaces, restaurant, bar, plus the exclusive Foundation Room and VIP club section.

"We love it here. This building in Anaheim is really going to set the stage for us as we go forward," House of Blues Entertainment President Ron Bension told ABC 7. Moreover, the design of the new House of Blues in Anaheim will be more contemporary, keeping up with the present generation's preferences in style. To bring something new to the people, one of the main attractions of the new building will be the visual experience. The crowd will also get to enjoy the murals created by the locale's talented artists.

Adding to the artifacts from the previous Sunset Boulevard and Downtown Disney locations are the antique items coming all the way from New Orleans. These items will keep the House of Blues' traditional folk arts touch, although the Entertainment Executive President Felix Mussenden said that they wanted the House of Blues to undergo an artistic evolution.

A part of this evolution will be the contemporary design provided by the visual artists from Los Angeles, Audrey Kawasaki and Johnny "KMNDZ" Rodriguez. The two are assigned to create their masterpiece on the walls of the Anaheim venue.

"If you look at our older House of Blues, like New Orleans or Sunset or even the Anaheim building, it was very heavy with folk art, something on every wall, but very, what I'll say, dark and heavy. We want to move away from that, because that's what today's guests want," Mussenden said. He also stated that the new House of Blues will be a venue for art shows and events as well, bringing in different artists to exhibit their works, the Orange County Register reported.

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