‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoilers & Update: Creator Michael Hirst’s Shocking Death Plans and Future Visions for the Next Season Revealed

By RB Sim on Feb 03, 2017 10:41 AM EST

"Vikings" previous episode portrays the unity of sons of Ragnar to avenge their father's death in the hands of their rival King Aelle and King Ecbert. But all seems so complicated; fate is not in their hands. Shuffled ideas of the brothers came across; the sons of Ragnar were confused for the next step of their plans.

It's all war of ideas for the three brothers, regarding Ivar throwing an ax to his brother Sigurd in the face which brings to the character's final scene. Reports from Variety states that the creator of the movie Michael Hirst wants to discuss the "Vikings" series future.

By the murderous deeds that Ivar has made, his siblings were divided into different camps. The creator stated the viewers can expect Ivar's guilt for killing his brother. We can expect in the opening episode of the "Vikings" fifth installment that Ivar will face his guilt, sobbing and saying he never meant to do the act.

Creator Michael Hirst added that the next season will revolve around a great conflict with Romans after the death of Caesar which features great Roman civil war along with great leaders such as Cassius, Octavian, and Brutus. For this scenario, "Vikings" will put into the possession of the known world; not just a local tribe fight but a bigger war for larger territories, the fact that Great Army has defeated and conquered bigger lands of England.

"Viking" was themed with an aggressive, vicious and ambitious character; what they want is all about winning there's no place for losing. Because of that, a huge outbreak of conflict will flood into their environment, as claimed by The Hollywood Reporter.

With Ragnar's influential blood and power, he adopted sons; many sons that will inherit his heroic tale. To be a son of Ragnar is such a great honor for them that lead to a competitive rivalry of his legacy. Including the five legitimate sons he has, they are all hungry for the name and throne of their famous father.

"Vikings" will returns for its fifth installment within this year on History. Exact release date has not yet announced. Be updated; just follow us for more updates.

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