'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 77 Spoilers: Z Fighters Including Buu, Android 18; More Extraordinary Fighters Join Inter Universal Tournament

By Johny Smith on Feb 08, 2017 08:52 AM EST

A new trailer for "Dragon Ball Super," which will show the much awaited "Universe Survival" Saga has finally been released to the public. The latest trailer shows a new set of warriors that will participate in the inter-universal tournament.

"Dragon Ball Super" latest previews revealed the new warriors that will get involved in the Universe's Greatest Martial Arts Tournament, including those from the Universe 7. The recently release trailer showed the Z-Fighters, such as Buu, Android 18, Krillin, Tenshinhan, Hercules, Master Roshi, and the red-cheeked little Human being, Chaozu, Blasting News reported.

Many less popular warriors from various universes will be present for the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" saga. Such warriors are characters from both anime and saga of the TV series including a wolf, a human hybrid, as well as another pink warrior.

Fans of the "Dragon Ball Super" will probably remember that in the "Universe Survival" Arc's first preview, the new Clown God of destruction and the new Egyptian Goddess has been featured. Other powerful warriors with new techniques of combat were also presented in the latest preview. It will be possible to see the first female Super Saiyan in the anime, who is being dubbed as the female Broly.

Moreover, the well-known "Dragon Ball Super" episode 77's "Universe Survival" Arc will be a full-throttle story. The Universe 7 warriors, including Goku, are set to take on a tournament between universes. It seems that the one who started the inter-universal martial arts tournament between the fighters from different universes, is Goku, the main protagonist of "Dragon Ball Super" according to Comic Book.

Accordingly, the forthcoming saga of the anime TV series features powerful clashes and presence by different kinds of warriors in each universe. Still, Goku is ready and excited about the coming tournament. It's gonna be an exciting episode for the much-awaited saga of "Dragon Ball Super". Share us what you think, comment below.

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