UCLA Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance Performing Wacsmash ‘Fingers’

By Ralphy Bonn Sim on Feb 06, 2017 09:17 AM EST

Undergraduate students of the UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance have been practicing since September for their upcoming Wacsmash performance this year, entitled "Fingers." The show will be on Friday to Saturday at Glorya Kaufman Dance Theater, which will consist of 10 pieces with 47 student choreographers and performers.

The Wacsmash was first performed way back in 2000 as an undergraduate student of UCLA Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance wanted to share their original dance choreography, as claimed in the reports of Kickstarter. It was mixed with neurological phenomena, Mexican female warriors, and electronic dance music.

One of the choreographed pieces is "The (See)d" which came from the ideas of consumerism in an era of big information and created into 6 minutes and 5 seconds of blunt movement patterns. One of the performers at UCLA Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance were Hood and Natalee Palmer, both graduating dance and sociology students wanting to analyze the world of consumerism through music and dancing, as claimed by the reports of Daily Bruin.

"The (See)d" was soundtracked of songs such as Mercedes Benz commercials, GEICO commercials, "Mr. Robot" snippet and new clips layered over each other followed by Rihanna's "Work" to incorporate different styles of dancing in different pattern movements. UCLA Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance dancers will wear all-American clothes such as plain white T-shirt and khakis to demonstrate the theme which is conformity.

Another piece is Matthew Roger's "Old Days" developed from his passion for Electronic Dance Music (EDM). The piece will execute Roger's favorite song "Old Days" by San Holo and Yellow Claw which he chooses it for its multidimensionality, harmonies and beats, and different tonalities.

Matthew Roger's dancers of UCLA Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance will wear red bandanas; their choreography will feature formations where dancers move in isolation away from the rest of the group. This will be performed by 10 students to jam out as they dance in gooey and wavy which will internalize movements that reflect the flow of the bass drop.

The show also features Diana Gilmore's "Seascape" which will try to imitate the movement of ocean waves and aims to draw a range of emotions to people who have contact with the ocean. The choreographer Dian Gilmore of UCLA Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance wants to feel the curiosity and admiration for the ocean as she spent her semester at the sea.

Performances will take on Friday at 8 PM and Saturday at 3 PM and 8 PM in Glorya Kaufman Dance Theater for free. No ticket fees are needed.

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