Oregon Live's Best Bet: A Compilation Of Art Festivities, Orchestral Performance And Theatrical Action Happening In Oregon This Week

By Arman Dela Cruz on Feb 06, 2017 09:33 AM EST

With modern digital entertainment taking over most of what's happening on our screens, it's great to know that there are still institutions as well as establishments which practice other forms of performance art. This varies from playing classical music, cultural dances, and other art events. Thankfully, Oregon Live had summed up some events and live performance during Feb. 3 - 9. 

One of the performances on the list is the Arvo Part Festival where "the most performed living composer in the world", Arvo Part, will take part in the performance of Portland's choral group Cappella Romana. They will celebrate Part's vocal, choral, orchestral and instrumental works. Aside from them, the Third Angle New Music will also perform followed by "Alleluia Tropus" which is a choral-string orchestral work. The event will have its premiere this coming Sunday, Feb 5. 2017. 

Another one is "Timisila and The Cypress Tree" having Meshi Chavez as its choreographer. As stated by Brown Paper Tickets, the performance will consist of non-professional dancers who had taken the challenge to dance an original choreography. Meshi wants to showcase the art of dancer's courage, curiosity and singular determination on stage in which he believes will add more emotions to the overall art. "Timisila and The Cypress Tree" was inspired by Zen Koans and Lakota creation stories. 

The Oregon Symphony will also have a performance of Antonin Dvorak's "New World" Symphony, one of the best-known symphonies of all time. It was composed in 1893 while Dvorak is still a National Conservatory of Music of America director. This was his most popular of all the symphonies he created as well. An art masterpiece in the form of music indeed.

Knowing that there are still an ongoing performance like this, one couldn't state that art is dead. As long as there are theaters and museums hosting and funding for events like these, art will continue to take form and inspire other people as well. 

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