Ace Comedian Ali Wong To Release Book Of Essays

By Kumar Rahul (KR) on Feb 12, 2017 06:45 PM EST

Comedian Ali Wong is on the verge of releasing her new collection of Essays in the form of a book. Her fans are going to see her in a new avatar other than a comedian.

According to Huffington Post, Ali Wong is famous for her comedy series "Baby Cobra" on Netflix and for her comedy stints on TV. Her new book includes letters that she has written to her 1-year old daughter Mari. The book will be published in 2018. It will be published by Random House Publishing.

Ali Wong's book of essays comprises of her personal experiences. As per a statement by Random House Publishing, it is going to be a book which will share her advice on life as well. It will comprise of things like finding Mr. Right, "leaning in versus lying down", and the ups and downs that came in Wong's way in her journey as a stand- up comedian. Wong also said that she is very excited about the book, as it is full of experiences from her childhood, dating and failures she has never been able to say on stage. She said that she could not tell them because they are not suitable for stand- up comedy.

According to Elle, before her new book, Wong took up the responsibility for writing in the sitcom "Fresh off the boat". She appeared in the Netflix comedy series "Baby Cobra" when she was seven months pregnant. Reportedly, releasing the book is now on the top of her priority list. According to Wong, the real life experiences that she could not share on stage are the base of this book.

Ali Wong believes anecdotes from her life will make people laugh while sitting in their homes and reading the book, with her not having to leave her own home and stepping on the stage. As per the sources, Wong has been very busy with her acting assignments and her book promotions will only begin after March. 

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