Lego Batman Is An Enjoyable Pop Culture Adventure Find Out Why

By Kumar Rahul (KR) on Feb 13, 2017 03:34 AM EST

Lego Movies have been very popular of late. Not only kids, even adults are increasingly becoming a fan of the Lego series. The "Lego Batman Movie" is not an exception to this trend.

According to The Guardian, the "Lego Batman Movie" is a "highly sophisticated pop culture adventure". It shows the Batman successfully curbing the crime in a Gotham city built with lego bricks. Funnily, the Joker in "Lego Batman Movie" gets hurt by Batman's denial to fight him, as the superhero prefers fighting Bane or Superman.

Ultimately the Joker plans out something so devious that Batman has to give up on his plans of fighting alone and has to look up for help. in "Lego Batman Movie" the people whom Batman approaches for help are his stepson Dick Grayson, butler Alfred and the new Commissioner Barbara Gordon.

The characters in the "Lego Batman Movie" have been played by Will Arnett (Batman), Zach Galifianakis (Joker), Dick Grayson (Micheal Cera), butler Alfred Pennyworth (Ralph Fiennes), Commissioner Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson). Experts are of the opinion that the "Lego Batman Movie" has made quite a few fans of DC Comics' characters like Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad and the idea of Batman fighting Superman.

According to the National Public Radio, after the legacy of Christopher Nolan's "Batman" trilogy and later on by the "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" film, the superhero needed to shed his seriousness and being a dark, "grim-faced" character from the old comic books. The introduction of the "Lego Batman Movie" has given Batman the much-needed humor. Compared to its Marvel counterparts like Iron Man and Captain America, he was suffering from being non-humorous in his approach.

The main character has been presented by Will Arnett in a voice with its "basso profundo severity" and as per sources, the gags and references mentioned in the movie are highly appreciated by the audiences. The brilliant use of music also has given a relieving feel to the storyline. The "Lego Batman Movie" is directed by Chris McKay, who has made the character of Batman more entertaining and fun to watch.

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