‘NCIS’ Season 14 Episode 16 News & Updates: Ellie Bishop Pursues Justice For Qasim Nassir’s Murder

By Johny Smith on Feb 14, 2017 07:16 AM EST

"NCIS" Season 14 episode 16 follows Ellie Bishop as she plots her steps to seek revenge for the murder of her boyfriend. After learning that the death of her boyfriend was caused Chen's plan, Ellie is determined to strike back. Here's every detail we know about the upcoming episode.

Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) is in grief after her new lover, Qasim Nassir (Rafi Silver) faces death in "NCIS" season 14 episode 11. The unfortunate event occurred after his girlfriend Ellie asked him to decode a recording which involving Kai Chen (Bruce Locke).

Gosh TV reports that the businessman has staged multiple acts of terror to influence the stock market to his benefit. The confirmation came from Agent Moreau (Claudia Christian). Qasim was killed because Chen didn't want him or anyone else near the recording.

A few episodes back, Ellie had to overcome her separation from her cheating husband. And it was only on a very recent episode that she admitted that she was in a relationship with Qasim after her brothers came over to meet the man she's dating.

Many avid "NCIS" viewers instantly became fond of the Ellie and Qasim's relationship. In fact, Buddy TV reports that viewers of the CBS hit series was looking forward to seeing more of the budding romance. But after a shocking episode, Qasim's death left Ellie devastated, and once again, heartbroken.

"NCIS" season 14 episode 16 will be entitled "A Many Splendored Thing". The upcoming episode will follow Gibbs and the rest of the team as they investigate a new case which apparently involves Chen. Meanwhile, Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) demonstrates that he has hidden skills in pick-pocketing.

Mary Stuart Masterson is also set to make a come-back in the same episode. But before Ellie's revenge, the team works with the New Orleans team to help clear Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) in episode 15 entitled "Pandora's Box, Part I". Don't miss both episodes on CBS.


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