“GTA Online” Character Transfer Ability Ends Next Month; Players Develop New Game Conspiracy Theory

By Johny Smith on Feb 17, 2017 03:48 PM EST

"GTA Online" ability to transfer characters from old-gen to PS4 and Xbox One is scheduled to cease next month. Players who are yet to make the jump needs to decide soon while the rest of the players develop new conspiracy theory on the game.

VG247 reports that ever since the remastered GTA 5 was launched on PS4 and Xbox One, developer Rockstar has granted players the ability to forward their GTA Online characters from PS3 and Xbox 360. While many have decided to take the offer, some players are still on the process of making the decision. But it seems like Rockstar has already imposed a deadline.

In a blog post, Rockstar confirmed that the ability bring PS4 and Xbox One characters forward to PS4 and Xbox One will only last until March 6. After the set date, gamers loses the ability to transfer their "GTA Online" characters.

For those who will decide to use the ability while it is still available, Rockstar reviews some reminders. The developer clarifies that bringing characters forward only affects the player's GTA Online progress and will not affect the single-player save.

Rockstar adds that not everything will be transferred over. Gamers who wish to have a step by step instruction on how to successfully make the character move as well as correctly determine which ones will and will not come along can go over Rockstar's detailed guide. Rockstar folks are generous for extending the availability of the migrate option this long specially since the developer has already stopped from releasing GTA Online updates on PS3 and Xbox 360 a long time ago.

Meanwhile, some "GTA Online" players developed a new conspiracy theory. According to Kotaku, some players believe that the NPCs in the game are out to on a mission to kill them. Several "GTA Online" players have been convinced that recent game updates are leaving drivers with no other option than to be aggressive.

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