Prince’s Music Catalog Was Made Available On Sunday: Singer’s Music Is Now On Spotify And Other Streaming Services

By Johny Smith on Feb 17, 2017 03:47 PM EST

Almost a year after Prince's death, the American singer's music catalog was made available on spotify and other streaming services on Sunday. It was released to coincide on Sunday's Grammy Awards; wherein the pop funk musician was remembered in a special tribute.

All of the singer's most influential music was expected to be made available in all streaming services by the time that the Grammy Awards show began. According to Time, during the ceremony, a tribute to the musician was already planned to have. Wherein, Warner Records said in a statement that Prince's music was being released on that day, including his signature album "Purple Rain".

Moreover, Warner Bros. said in a statement that they are very thankful to Prince's estate. Especially the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Warner Records, Cameron Strang who is gladly thankful to Prince's estate for making the deal possible. The streaming deal covers podium such as, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Amazon Music.

In June, Warner Bros. planned to release Prince's two albums of his new unreleased music. The announcement on Sunday includes the plans to remaster Prince's hit "Purple Rain"; as well as his two concert films from his Paisley Park vault, Fortune reported.

In an interview, Strang said that the most influential and popular music of Prince was recorded during his time with Warner Bros. That is why they are very much aware of their responsibility to maintain and take care of the pop funk musician's incredible legacy. Accordingly, Warner Bros. is pretty much excited enabling them to bring Prince's music, appropriately on music's biggest night and to millions of his fans around the world by the use of streaming services.

Eventually, fans will be very much excited when they hear Prince's music, from the hits to the unreleased albums, also those films that he made the time before he died. Strang additionally said that they are committed to nurturing Prince's high creative standards, now they made it available to his fans worldwide through streaming services.

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