Roman Polanski Was Seen In A Press Conference; Rape Victim Says Its Over Now?

By Genevieve Gatia on Feb 24, 2017 02:44 AM EST

The French polish film director and producer Rajmund Roman Thierry Polanski or best known as Roman Polanski raped the 13 years old Samantha Geimer forty years later. Samantha Greiner asked the people not to make her the victim.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Roman Polanski was pleaded guilty to the unlawful sexual intercourse with minor age in 1977 but eventually fled to France in 1978 where he holds his citizenship. While France doesn't have any deportation agreement between U.S.

Roman Polanski stepped down to his position as a president of the Cėsar Awards after he receives a protest from the french feminist. While on behalf of Samantha Geimer she was feel used from the people who wants to go after Polanski by using her experience.

According to Vulture, Samantha Geimer said that She don't like being used by people who advocates boycotting that Polanski was going to be the president of the Cѐsar Awards, people can do petition without her consent. Samantha claims in her statement that she was tired of getting involved all the time with Polanski's name and also calling her the victim.

After serving 42 days he was released in prison and was told that the prosecutors have agreed to ask for him to put on probation. And when Polanski knows that the judge planned to reject the plea bargain he fled back to Paris before sentencing.

Later on, Polanski was sincerely made his apologies in public against Samantha and saying that he regretted what was happened before. Meanwhile, Samantha's recent comments come as Polanski was trying to free himself from legal consequences that cause his conviction and allowed to go back to U.S cause that was he deserves.

Roman Polanski has faced the consequences from the case that he was committed and done apologizing from Samantha living no reason to go over again with this issue. Nevertheless, Polanski continued his life in Europe and won the Oscar for best director in 2013 for "The Pianist".

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