Relive Old-School NYC Nightlife Once More With Classic Photo Collection As New Night Trends Come In

By BLindon on Feb 22, 2017 09:08 AM EST

NYC Nightlife spot such as as Roseland Ballroom is featured in the Freedman Files collection of the veteran photographer Jill Freedman. The first collection was taken in the 1970s, while the other was from 1980s.

The archives for the old-school NYC nightlife is reported to include span subjects and eras such as a number of unpublished works in the past. According to reports, Freedman became interested in photography as a child when copies of LIFE document the Holocaust, and later decided to tell stories through the camera in such a way those images have moved her.

Roseland was considered as among the best NYC nightlife spots, having a real ballroom that features two bands where people get to meet other people, have some laughs and drinks. In fact, reports suggest that its ballroom seemed like  a United Nations of dancing fools of different ages.

NYC nightlife in the Ballroom of Romance, meantime, is reported to be a disco now, which used to be the Penn Station or the Old Met, where people may listen to the Broadway lullaby, but will not actually hear it. This lullaby, according to reports, comes from the tunes of an old song that Freedman grew to love and adored in her youth, Vice reported.

Meanwhile, a new nightlife trend begins at the  13th Annual Bar and Restaurant Show, hitting the Jacob K. Javits Center in NYC on June 26 and 27. Reports indicate that operators nowadays may not categorize themselves into ideas of being a nightclub operator or a restaurateur, given that today's marketplace mostly demand more that the regular revenue streams.

NYC nightclub operators also are aware of the need for a food component to maximize the corporate catering profit, Black Book reported. Learn about Nightclubs in NYC Nightlife here:


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