British Orchestra Manage To Expand Audiences But Fails To Raise Income

By NH on Mar 04, 2017 10:52 AM EST

British orchestra manages to increase the audience to watch their performances. It can be achieved by a great effort to publish their music through various strategies in many lines. After digging in for past few years, they finally are able to gather more audiences.

According to the survey by the Association of British Orchestra (ABO) reported in Slipped Disc, it is noted that UK's top orchestra bring more spectators around 7 percent compared to the survey in 2013. Besides, British orchestra also attracts children and young people so it increases the number to 35 percent. Approximately 900,000 young people have been watching the orchestra for three years back. Practically, about 900.000 youth come to catch on the orchestra in three years back.

However, increasing in numbers of audiences has no effect on the income for the British orchestra. In accordance with the statement mentioned in Classical Music, British orchestra experiences a decline in incomes. Specified in numbers, they suffered a decrease by 5 percent.

The director of Association of British Orchestra, Mark Pemberton, explained that the strategy pursued have brought them to this state. Discounted ticketing, free concert, and fixed rate for outdoor performances are a major cause for their income loss. This is compounded by the fact that the funding from Local Councils is reduced by 11 percent and from the Arts Council by 7 percent.

Although it has a decrease in income, they have succeeded in promoting their music to be heard by the crowd. However, Brexit gives British orchestra another trouble. Mentioned in Slipped Disc; uncertainty, bureaucracy and expense, as well as financial decline, will probably be encountered by orchestra musician by this referendum.

Noticed from ABO survey, 20 percent musicians who worked for British orchestra is EU citizens. On the side, tours around EU are half of their income sources. Brexit indeed threats their position as musician orchestra which often performs over EU.

According to ABO, a new leader for this country is needed to save British orchestra. That way, they will once again acquire a freedom to move deliberately in promoting their music.

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