Top 5 Nylon-String Acoustic Guitars For Any Budget

By Kristine Garcia on Mar 14, 2017 06:20 PM EDT

The nylon-string guitar is essential when it comes to traditional classical and flamenco music. It is also the instrument of choice for Latin music. Many jazz, rock and pop guitarist also use nylon-string guitars for their unique tone, which cannot be reproduced on a steel-string. Here are some best nylon-string acoustic guitars on the market.

According to Guitar Site, the Cordoba C7 nylon-string guitar is a reasonably price handmade guitar with premium wood configuration and tone. The guitar is made from Canadian cedar and Indian rosewood. The tone of the C7 is surprisingly loud for its size while letting you hear the nuances of your playing. The guitar is priced at $500, and it is one the best nylon-string guitar for its price.

Next, there is Breedlove Pursuit Nylon, another $500 guitar. It is a true modern nylon acoustic-electric guitar that easily stands out from the rest. The guitar is made from solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides which provides a more modern, clear sounding tone. When unplugged, the guitar doesn’t have the same punch as traditional classical guitar. But when plugged in, you can be as loud as you want to.

According to Music Radar, Joan Cashimira 87BCE is a guitar with a clean Spanish-style build. It is made from dark rosewood and mahogany back and sides. It sounds great in its acoustic mode, but when you plug in the guitar there is some slightly uneven string response. The guitar costs $1408 and it slides well between mid and high-end guitars.

As reported by Acoustic Guitar, the Cordoba Master Series - 1931 Esteso Model is an exceptionally lightweight, small-body guitar with a full-size scale length. The guitar is handcrafted in Mexico and its sides are constructed of solid Palo Escrito (Mexican rosewood). The top is either solid European spruce or solid Canadian cedar. The guitar is designed to deliver the perfect balance between the trebles and bases and the resonance of the tops. The guitar comes at a price of $2795.

Yamaha SLG200N is another great nylon-string acoustic guitar. This guitar is fully capable being used as a concert or studio instrument. It comes with Yamaha’s Studio Response Technology pickup and preamp system. It features tone controls, plus a blend knob for adjusting the ratio of sound coming from under-saddle pickup versus the preamp’s modeled sounds. There is another knob that lets you graduate between different digital reverb and chorus effects. The guitar costs $1015.

There are a lot of acceptable and very good nylon-string guitars on the market that would suit every guitar player that looks for something different. This is a short list compiling nice instruments at a nice price.

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