Meet Pigcasso, The Painting Pig In A South Africa Farm

By Genevieve Gatia on Mar 31, 2017 02:37 PM EDT

There are at least fourteen animals who can actually paint and they include dogs, horses, dolphins, rhino, sea lion, elephant, Smithfield the pig, a raccoon, turtle, chimpanzee, parrot and Stewie the Tamandua. However, the mentioned animals that can do a painting could not measure up to Pigcasso.

Metro said in their report that Pigcasso was four weeks old at the time when she found and rescued by a South African animal right activist from a slaughterhouse. The painting pig got her name after she managed to show her peculiar talent for art and was recently owned by Joanne Lefson.

According to Lefson, "pigs nowadays industrialized factory farms are retained in merciless conditions intentionally hidden from public view." Pigs are usually slaughtered and sold in some markets to produce meat for consumers but Picasso did a phenomenal act that makes her adorable and lovable.

Pigcasso started to love and play with paintbrushes after giving her a variety of toys which her owner, Joanne Lefson decided to see what she can do if there are some paint and canvas left for her, as Modern Farmer reported. Moreover, this recent day, Pigcasso showed off his potential by loving to dip the brush in multicolored paint and dragging it on the canvas.

The painting pig that lives in the South Africa now owns a gallery. People come to admire and love the pig's work that pays up to $2,000 for every original painting.

Pigs like Pigcasso are inquisitive animals that are eager to explore things. They are given an enrichment test to avoid being bored that might lead to an unhappy and destructive life. This enrichment test given to Pigcasso are not only for pigs, in fact, other animals are having it as well.

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