Don Juan In Soho Review & Update: David Tennant As DJ

By Genevieve Gatia on Apr 01, 2017 12:19 PM EDT

The former "Doctor Who", David Tennant, is starring Patrick Marber's adaptation of Molière's comic morality play. The "Don Juan in Soho" is about a womanizer that keeps his record of mistresses on his BlackBerry telephone.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Patrick Marber, the director, and writer of the "Don Juan in Soho" has set the play in modern-day Soho, London's former red light district. And Don Juan also known as DJ is having his conquest there not minding the consequences of his actions.

Danielle Vitalis played the role of DJ's new wife Elvira who is an international aid worker. At the start of the play DJ immediately displayed his unfaithfulness.

Fresh from their honeymoon, DJ has found himself in a hotel room with a Croatian supermodel while his valet Stan, played by Adrian Scarborough, stands guard in the lobby. According to The Guardian, Tennant's performance at the "Don Juan in Soho" gives the play a disturbing uncertainty.

Tenant successfully displayed what kind of character DJ is -- a man who is not capable of love as shown on his blank face when Stan declared his devotion. Everything about DJ definitely offends the norms of political correctness.

DJ's behavior towards women especially his wife Elvira is unacceptable. He also takes advantage of people around him especially his father and his valet Stan. A topical gag found its way to the play that causes cheers when DJ says that he is not a rapist that he doesn't grab pussy. DJ had also a monolog in which he rails at everything from billionaire tax dodgers to racists posing as patriots.

DJ also condemns the vanity of an age in which the urge for self-expression has dwindled into but the irony is the womanizer himself is a big narcissist. In 2006, the first "Don Juan in Soho" production was performed at the Donmar Warehouse with Rhys Ifans as their lead.

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