A New Generation Music Festival In Florence To Give Rising Classical Singers A Wider Platform

By Debapriya Dutta on Apr 14, 2017 06:02 PM EDT

Florence has been a musical center since the middle ages, a city rich with its cultural values and musical varieties. The rich classical music runs through the veins of this historical city, which saw the introduction of the Opera in the 16th century.

Many music festivals take place in Florence throughout the year. Some of these festivals last over a month and are very popular among the tourists and the people of Italy. Florence has taken the mantle to keep the tradition and the culture of classical music alive for Italy. To ensure the classical music does not fade away among the newer generation, Florence is encouraging rising global singers by letting them perform in new music festivals.   

According to The Times, one of the very popular contemporary music festivals in Florence is "Firenze Suona Contemporanea." The contemporary classical music festival was held from Sept. 14 to 30 last year. To connect with the people and wider audience the festival is held in different venues every year. Last year, the festival took place at the 19th-century greenhouse at Ponte Rosso, the Tepidarium del Roster, in the Sala d'Arme at Palazzo Vecchio and at the Museo Novecento, Le Murate. The 2016 edition of "Firenze Suona Contemporanea" saw director Andrea Cavillari introducing the festival in "the sound in gesture" theme.

Florence wants to keep the tradition of classical music alive among its newer generation. Rich with its contemporary classical music history, Florence has taken further steps to ensure the newer generation is able to connect themselves with the culture. In a new and bold move, the city has decided to give opportunities to rising classical singers at a new music festival.

According to New Generation Festival, a new music festival has risen in Florence this year. The aim of this festival is not to let the rising singers move away from the historical genre. To introduce a new generation to the country's rich classical music, the festival will take place at the spectacular gardens of the Palazzo Corsini Al Prato.

The three-day festival, spanning from August 31-Sept. 3 is conducted and co-founded by Maximilian Fane. Initiated by a group of rising singers this festival is produced by Granville and Parham Productions. Florence is expecting to attract a greater audience and some of the best rising classical talents from various parts of the world.

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