A Take On Midlife Misery; 'In Extremis' By Tim Parks

By Debapriya Dutta on Apr 18, 2017 01:25 PM EDT

Revolving around Thomas Saunders, a Linguistic professor by profession, presently in a chaotic state of mind, "In Extremis" poses to be quite a poignant piece of literary work. Beginning with having to deliver a speech at a conference in Berlin all the way to the thoughts of his girlfriend in Spain, Thomas Saunders's mind in "In Extremis" seems to be fraught with thoughts.

"In Extremis" is originally published on March 9, 2017. If we take a closer look at the plot of "In Extremis" and the happenings in the book, we get to see that the main theme of the book revolves around the twist and turns of the thoughts evokes in the mind of the Thomas Saunders, the protagonist, in relation to the various situations and the events that he finds himself in. According to The Press and Journal, nevertheless, these events do manage to turn the entire "In Extremis" into quite a jovial piece while dealing with the theory of midlife misery. 

 The other thing that requires a special mention in the book is the light that is thrown on the Scottish arena and the mannerisms of the people residing there via the main protagonist of the book itself. According to The Guardian, the act of consciously poking fun at the protagonist while managing to maintain his own point throughout the proceedings of the book is what has helped put Tim Parks on a much-elevated position as the author of "In Extremis". Keeping aside the humor that has been added in the book, "In Extremis" does bring up certain important issues like extramarital attachments of gentlemen and ladies of the era.

To sum it up, you might certainly expect "In Extremis" to be a book that takes you on a ride across some of the most important complexities of life while keeping it simple and light-hearted. Exhilarating is what you can term the piece as a whole while you flip over the last page with a smile on your face. 

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