Attractions at the Tribeca Film Festival Include Films That Give an Impact on Earth's Climate Change

By Debapriya Dutta on Apr 24, 2017 01:28 PM EDT

The 16th edition of the Tribeca Film Festival, presented by AT&T and was first launched in 2002 after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center to promote the cultural and economic vitality of Lower Manhattan, will feature movies by and about artists.

The film festival will run from April 19 to 30 in New York. The Tribeca Film Festival is the platform full of opportunities to exhibit innovative works of filmmakers along with blockbuster movie premieres.

According to Tribeca, after receiving 8,700 entries, the Tribeca Film Festival's director of programming Cara Cusumano and artistic director Frederic Boyer have narrowed down the program list by 20 percent. According to Tribeca Film Festival curators, the 98 feature-length titles represent 28 countries, 32 women directors, 72 world premieres, six international, six North American, two US, and six New York premieres.

Several reports also state that Tribeca Film Festival competition features 32 films including 12 documentary, 10 US, and 10 International narratives. The Lincoln Motor Company is presenting Spotlight that features 15 fiction and 16 non-fiction films. Five thrilling narratives and one documentary are featured by Midnight section. It's reported that the curators were also focused on giving an impact on Earth's climate change along with food waste and animal extinction to honor the Earth Day through Tribeca Film Festival.

As reported in The Hollywood Reporter, movies under US narrative category of Tribeca Film Festival are: "Aardvark", "Abundant Acreage Available", "Blame", "Flower", "The Endless" etc. International narrative features: "Holy Air", "Ice Mother", "Newton", "November", "Samba" etc. Documentary features: "Copwatch", "Shadowman", "The Departure", "Bobbi Jene" etc. Spotlight features: "Chuck", "Dabka", "Manifesto", "Permission" etc. Spotlight Documentary features: "AlphaGo", "ELIAN", "Pilgrimage", "My Art" etc. "Devil's Gate", "Psychopaths", and "Tilt" etc.

Along with the documentary "Dumb: The Story of Big Brother Magazine" will be featured under Midnight category of Tribeca Film Festival. 2017 Tribeca Film Festival is going to showcase all kinds of films. Blockbuster, animated, narrative, thrilling movies along with Crowd-cheering, provocative, documentary type all the best and the latest works of filmmakers will be highlighted there. 

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