New York Film Academy Promotes 2-Year Joint Program of Musical Theater and Acting for Film

By Debapriya Dutta on Apr 25, 2017 02:16 PM EDT

Formed on the basis of "learning by doing", the New York Film Academy is a learning school of filming and acting. It's well known that a popular filmmaking demands a vast amount of knowledge and that's why The New York Film Academy musical theater has decided to provide methodical as well as practical knowledge. The recently announced New York Film Academy's two-year joint program of musical theater and acting for film supports the idea to a great extent.

According to HuffPost, the New York Film Academy musical theater faculty was first developed by senior executive VP David Klein and launched by founding chair VP Boyle in 2008. The merging of musical theater with the film is a golden opportunity for the student to initiate their talents through original movie musicals.

The New York Film Academy's movie musicals have a great range of covered topics and they assimilate several high-ranking industry professionals, Tony Award winners, and original movie musicals. Recently, after the popularity of "La La Land", movie musicals have become modern limelight of Hollywood. The New York Film Academy's recent production "The Ghosts of Ethan Dean", "Landed", "Streetwrite", "Gingerbread House", "Seeking Alice" movies have toured many film festivals all over the world.

Filmmaker Sean Robinson has stated that the films which are being exhibited in the New York Film Academy musical theater, have won numerous awards and toured festivals worldwide. According to Pr web, in line with the New York Film Academy chair of musical theater, Mark Olsen, no other program can provide this high-level of professional support like The New York Film Academy two-year musical theater program can provide. Working personally in professional studios with the engineer and original film music directors must have given the students the best experiences.

The New York Film Academy musical theater also provides the chance to "be seen" by directors, producers, choreographers, composers. Two main stage productions have also been launched along with the summer and winter semesters. So, anyone who wants to find the actor within is more than welcome at the New York Film Academy musical theater film school.

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