‘Logan’ Review: Not Your Typical Superhero Movie

By Kristine Garcia on Mar 20, 2017 01:36 AM EDT

Enjoying his PG-rated movies over a decade, the Australian actor Hugh Jackman and the writer and director James Mangold brought to the fans a new Logan movie that might be a little different. It's daring and fans love it.

Logan is seen in the future, stepping into his life after mutants were exposed to the human race. He takes a job driving, trying to live a normal life. One day, a nurse hires him to drive an 11-year old girl named Laura (Dafne Keen). Logan is tasked to drive her to North Dakota to find a mysterious "safe" by the name of Eden. Taking that job, Logan finds out that Laura is actually his clone-daughter. Like her father she has regenerative powers and adamantium-coated bone claws and like any other teenager with a swaying mood but more violent she is prone to violence.

As reported by CNET, unlike the previous Wolverine movies, in the new Logan movie he is not just the superhero-killing machine that the fans are used to watching. His character is more deeply explored. Logan is shown in a more vulnerable light than the previous Wolverine movies that the fans are used to. In Logan, his emotional side is explored.

According to a review by Roger Ebert, Logan is more than just an action movie because it explores emotions of Logan. The film started with Logan having no care of the world, then after meeting Laura, his perspective changed. Logan wakes one more journey from inside him and gives all of his effort to protect Laura from the mercenaries chasing them. 

Everybody loves a good superhero movie, but "Logan" is one of the movies that are a game-changer in the right way. It is not the typical superhero movie. The film went with a different approach from the usual superhero movie. "Logan" made a massive $441 million worldwide from a budget of $97 million.

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