Hostel Transformed Into An Art Gallery Is A New Way To Support Artist Communities

By Kristine Garcia on Mar 20, 2017 08:38 AM EDT

The idea of a The Hostel Art Gallery would give budget travelers a good deal. A lot of travelers who travel are on a budget and would find ways to utilize their trip as much as possible. 

Hostels are known for their lower prices but that does not mean that those who choose them are getting into a dirty dump. Some of the better hostels have more to offer than an expensive hotel. Sharing rooms and meeting people from different countries and just making friends and learning about their culture is one of the many benefits. Hostels are mostly equipped with private bedrooms or dorms and they include bunk beds with lockers for to keep your belongings safely.

Since the number of budget travelers is growing, The Hostel Art Gallery is another great addition to an already good deal with hostels. According to New York Times, The Hostel as Art Gallery can be an interesting way for budget travelers to experience art. It gives an easy access to the local art scene and culture. Hostel Art Gallery can help travelers to connect to the local community.

During times when some of the government officials are trying to cut the budget on the arts, music, and theaters, there is a need to preserve the nation's artistic output. One way of approaching it is to have more community-based arts, according to Global Visionaries.

Jumblies Theatre located in Toronto, Canada is one example. Also, there is the Social and Publick Art Resource Centar (SPARC) with their famous project, the Great Wall of Los Angeles. After tragedies like violent acts and natural disasters, communities are forced to come together. Community-based art is an incredible way for people to unite in a healthy and constructive manner.

The Art Hostels can also help give local artists a career push. Most of the art hostels don’t want to be seen as professional galleries. With that being said, it makes great opportunities for first-time artists. Most of the hostels devoted permanent gallery space for showcasing art.

The Gallery Hostel in Porto, Portugal, introduces exhibitions that change every two months. Their guest rooms have works by well-known painters, writers and architects. Given the popularity of social media, it is in our best interest to create a social environment where people can talk to each other.

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