'Musicon' Club Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign For An Interactive Musical Instrument

By Genevieve Gatia on Mar 20, 2017 01:33 AM EDT

Music is a universal language and Musicon is taking it to next level. Musicon is an interactive musical instrument for the development of various social skills for the children and even adults.

According to Design Boom, the musical instrument is the conception of Kamil Laszuk's graduation thesis in 2011 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. The project is the representation of its creator's two passions which is design and music.

The Musicon is a made of wood designed as a barrel organ that combines a drum, xylophone, and ball-bearing mill so that the children can interact with the instrument well. The musical instrument is aimed at the development of cooperation, creative thinking, manual skills, math and even an understanding of basic coding principles for children and adults alike.

The mechanics of the instruments is quite simple, according to Kickstarter, just the pulling or pushing the level you can the tempo from slow lullabies to 144 beats per minute. Then by depressing the 720 spring-loaded pegs on the body of the barrel, children can change what instrument is trigged when and how often, leading to a deeper understanding of music, rhythm, logic and math.

With a simple magnetic holding system it allows the children to rearrange instruments even while playing, the children can also play the instrument while it is not attached to the barrel. While on its design phase, the Musicon already achieved many awards, including Core 77, Red Dot Design Award, Polish Children Design Award and also a nomination to INDEX: Design to Improve Life.

With a wood built the Musicon is suitable in private homes, general education facilities and preschools. It is also discovered that the Musicon can improve the mood of children with autism and with various social, physical and cognitive disabilities.

Half of the Musicons will be donated to House Charities in the countries whose residents gave the most, in recognition of the campaign supporter's efforts.

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