'Emmerdale' Latest News: Kerrys’ Portrayal As A Diabetic Gained Different Reactions, Awkward Sex Talking Didn’t Pass The Critics Naked Eyes?

By Johny Smith on Jan 24, 2017 08:24 AM EST

In the last episode of ITV serial drama "Emmerdale," hypoglycemic attack causes the troubled character Kerry Wyatt to collapsed. The fans of the show know that Kerry is a diabetic and having some trouble regarding her blood sugar level. Emmerdale fans knows that Kerry is a little bit irresponsible when it comes to her health. Even though she already suffers some serious consequences, she still pays less attention and didn't control what she drinks or eat.

A lot of Emmerdale viewers expressed their different reactions in social media on how the show unrealistically portrays the hypoglycemic attack caused by diabetes. According to Unreality TV some angry viewer said on his tweeter, "What a badly researched and acted piece. If that was supposed to be a hypo, it's nothing like it.". Another viewer said that Kerry's diabetes hypo is a bit lame and it would prefer a new writer to portray it right.

However, not all the viewers find it wrong and disturbing. Some of the viewers find it brilliantly portray even though some mistakes were made. Hence, there's this viewer tweeted, "#emmerdale portraying Type 1 Diabetes brilliantly tonight, too often gets mistaken for appearing drunk when having a hypo, very accurate." 

According to National Institute Of Diabetes And Digestive And Kidney Diseases, Hypoglycemia happens when blood sugar decreases to below normal levels resulting to a variety of symptoms such as shakiness, dizziness, sweating, hunger, irritability, moodiness, anxiety or nervousness, loss of consciousness, headache or even death.

Meanwhile, Emmerdale viewers didn't agree upon one thing on what they saw last episode. That thing refers to the awkward talking of Brenda and Tracy about sex in the Woolpack. That thing gathers negative feedback on social media of some concerned viewers who really find it disturbing. Most of them are those alarmed viewers who saw that episode together with their family and some underage viewers.

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