Melania Trump Latest Face On Vanity Fair Mexico Criticised For Insensitivity

By Kumar Rahul (KR) on Jan 30, 2017 05:22 PM EST

Donald Trump has gone ahead with his controversial decision of building a wall between US and Mexico. On the other hand, the Mexican edition of Vanity Fair has featured the First Lady on the cover of their latest issue and the timing of the two different yet related events coincide.

According to The Guardian, Melania Trump's appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico is causing an outrage as it shows a string of jewels being eaten as spaghetti by the First Lady using a fork. In a country like Mexico, where almost half of the population lives under poverty, this has been considered as a plain insult to the people. Many Mexicans have taken to the social media calling the idea derogatory and insensitive.

Many Mexican magazines have been accused of promoting escapist fantasy, and there has been an uncanny inclination towards the worshiping of white people. A recent BuzzFeed survey showed that most of the Mexican indigenous population are mestizo and there is a certain increase in using white people in the magazines.

According to CNN, the issue shows Melania as the new Jackie Kennedy, the wife of the former president John F Kennedy. In fact, the Vanity Fair tweeted about the issue on Thursday, the same day when Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto canceled a meeting with President Trump. 

This after the US President demanded that Mexico has to pay for the wall that he will be building shortly along with the border that divides the two countries. Later, it was announced that the 20 percent tax on imports will be charged on imports from Mexico and will be passed on to the American consumers by the Trump administration officials.

President Trump has vied with Vanity Fair for quite a few years in the past. It is reportedly from the GQ edition that came out last April that the Vanity Fair Mexico story and cover have been recollected. As a matter of fact, both GQ and Vanity Fair belong to the same owner, Conde Nast.

With the Trump administration taking abominable measures for restricting the entry of citizens from a number of countries in recent times, this February issue of Vanity Fair is bound to irk more controversies as it comes out at a time when the relation between the US and Mexico hits a new low.

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