A 16-Year-Old ‘Smash Bros’ Player Dominates, Defeating the Biggest Pro Players in the Game

By RB Sim on Feb 03, 2017 10:40 AM EST

Last October, during an international "Smash Bros. 4" tournament in San Jose, California a 16-year-old dominated and took the championship trophy. The kid from Naucalpan, Mexico named Leonard 'MK Leo' Perez who achieved the first prize at Genesis 4, he has been in the league since 2014.

Leo was the youngest competitor to be in the Genesis top 8, according to the reports of Kotaku. He fought against Elliot 'Ally' Carozza-Oyarce and won the first place; gaining $6,000 to support his family back in his hometown in Mexico.

The young guy Leo also won in a double battle at Genesis 4 after he teamed up with Elliot Carozza-Oyarce which he defeated Japanese players Ryuto Hayashi and Fei Furukawa; they won an extra $1,000 for the double match up.

In the "Smash Bros." tournament Leo was a spectacular person but back at his school in Mexico City, he was an ordinary student; a quiet one who participates in the subject astrophysics and spend a lot of his time to his family. His classmates and the entire school didn't know that his very good at playing "Smash Bros." not until he won the international tournament.

Leonardo aka 'MK Leo' Perez, the word MK stands for the Monster Kingdom; his brother's game store in Mexico City. By that, we can see that first and foremost, the family is always his priority. At the age of 7, his brother's took him to the world of the gaming community.

Leonardo was the youngest person to achieve such prestigious international "Smash Bros. 4" tournament. Without a doubt, he is the best Smash 4 player down in Mexico. For a year and a half since 2014, he knocked out both Mexican and Canadian Smash competitors. But he wasn't on the scene last 2016' tournament because the American government was still debating at that time either electronics sports will be acknowledged as a sport, so his P1 visa application was denied by the government, as reported by Esport Earnings.

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