Anna Duggar To Divorce Josh Duggar; Ready To End Sexless Marriage After Numerous Scandals

By Johny Smith on Feb 06, 2017 07:56 AM EST

Anna Duggar had decided to walk away from her marriage with husband Josh Duggar. The bad news for the Duggar family came after reports that the28-year-old Anna is serious about her plans to divorce 28-year-old husband Josh following the numerous scandals he has been part of.Reports confirm that the couple still shared the same bed. But sources tell Hollywood Life that Anna has been refusing to have sex with her husband because she does not want to after all the controversies that confronted Josh. Their sexless marriage, the undying issues and his allegedly awful behavior has left Anna with no other choice but divorce.

The Hollywood Gossip reports that Anna Duggar felt like she was put through hell with his husband's disgusting behavior. Anna believes that after everything she had to endure, squeezing every penny out of Josh Duggar's pockets to support their children is completely justified.

Josh Duggar is on his way back to court for his case of using the picture of LA DJ and photographer Matthew McCarthy on his OkCupid and Ashley Madison. Anna Duggar has been vocal about not wanting to have anything to do with the case. Sources says Anna is sickened by Josh's lawsuit and it is one of the major reasons that pushed her towards deciding to go for divorce.

Anna Duggar proved that she is serious with divorce as she takes initial steps for meeting with a lawyer. Uncomfortable with media attention once she gets spotted in the office, a Duggar family insider confirmed that Anna had been speaking with the lawyer on the phone. But the source added that Anna Duggar is finally ready to make the visit to the attorney's office any time next week.

Anna Duggar says she have no ill feelings towards Josh's parents Jim Bob and Michelle. Her top concern is her four kids Mackynzie, 7, Michael, 5, Marcus, 3, and Meredith, 1 whom she considers the most innocent victims of the scandals.

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