Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl LI Halftime Show: Astounding Epic Performance Of The American Pop Star Dazzles Houston’s NRG Stadium

By Johny Smith on Feb 09, 2017 03:42 PM EST

Lady Gaga, 30-year-old American pop star headlines the show. Gaga performed some of her biggest hits including the 2009 dance hit "Poker Face", "Just Dance," and "Bad Romance" at the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas.

With no interruptions, Gaga completed her 13-minute set of her greatest hits during the National Football League championship game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons; opening with "God Bless America" and singing an inspiring version of Woodie Guthrie's civil rights anthem "This Land is Your Land". Wherein, many can't deny the fact on assuming that it could be a dig on some issues in Trump Administration such as the travel ban, The Telegraph reported.

While performing aerial acrobatics, Gaga has sung some of her biggest hits during her big moment including "Born This Way" and recent single "Million Reasons", taken from her latest album "Joanne". And that was followed by Ballad "Edge of Glory" and one of her biggest hit "Poker Face".

Per Time, Lady Gaga then performed her famous civil-rights anthem, the LGBT-equality song "Born This Way". This was likely to be digging some issues on Trump administration nowadays, especially on immigration. And that, many have speculated that if the outspoken pop star would use the spotlight as her medium for expression about some issues in the present administration.

However, to escape from forceful realities, Gaga was taking back the people on the time of her career's early days; performing "Telephone" and "Just Dance". That was very different compared to her last year's album. Wherein, Gaga, being a smart pop music artist, making a setting on her show that made her fans dance and feel the rhythm of her every song.

Her performance on "Million Reasons" led to the question to her fans whether they are satisfied and contented with her performance or not. The artist was going and embracing into her fans side and making them feel that they are contented and the performance of Gaga is astounding. She was indeed an outstanding performer and artist in the present.

Ending her show, Lady Gaga performed one of her greatest hits, "Bad Romance". She appeared wearing her third outfit of the evening's performance, with a football-like shoulder pads top, dancing with the group of dancers so close that are clearly seen on the big stage especially when fireworks started to blow. She then ended her show by dropping her microphone and jumping onto the field, after catching a football.

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