Britney Spears Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction: Award-Winning Pop Icon Inadvertently Flares Audience While Performing On Stage At Las Vegas Residency Concert

By Johny Smith on Feb 13, 2017 04:59 PM EST

After Britney Spears won and received four awards at the "43rd People's Choice Awards" in January, the superstar had her residency concert in Las Vegas. Wherein, Spears again suffered a wardrobe malfunction and it didn't stop her from performing on stage; just like in the previous concerts which she experienced the same thing.

Britney Spears accidentally exposed her breast in the middle of her performance during her "Piece of me" residency concert at Planet Hollywood's AXIS Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada, one week ago. According to Entertainment Today, fans were obviously shocked regarding on the exposure of her nip and also were surprised and amazed with the diva's reaction on it; like she is used to it, and carried on the show. While performing and rocking some of her high energy songs, she's likely appeared not to be noticing it, carrying it on to continue and perform her show well, professionally.

It was not actually the first time Spears encountered and experienced a wardrobe malfunction in her concerts. In the middle of her performance singing her 2013 hit "Work Bitch", the superstar also suffered a wardrobe mishap.

Moreover, it was also during Britney Spears' residency concert on October 2015 when the diva had experienced a minor wardrobe mishap. It was during her performance of "3" when her outfit's zip at the back was likely to appear collapse; where her backup dancers tried to fix it, dancing like nothing happens and continued performing like nothing could stop her from putting on a show, Digital Spy reported.

However, the award-winning pop icon already learned and knows how to deal with regards to that situation. Expectedly, the famous Britney Spears would not actually let just a wardrobe mishap ruin her performance and stop her from carrying her performance on stage till the end of the show.

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