‘Legion’ Series Pilot Episode Release; Series And Movie Occur At A Parallel Universe

By Johny Smith on Feb 12, 2017 06:44 PM EST

"Legion" is finally here! After a huge pile of trailers and teasers, the first X-Men series from the collaboration of Fox and Marvel has finally reached television. And, as many initially expected, the result is a little bit unique.

Noah Hawley has written an undeniably fascinating story made of intricate weaves of mutants and madness. The release of an hour long opening episode of "Legion" has left many questions. Here are some details viewers might have missed.

After the "Legion" pilot episode, many wonder where the series version fit in the story of the films. According to Den of Geeks, the answer is the series simply don't fit. The story of David Haller is not meant to fit or match any of the contradicting timelines and countless recasting of "X-Men" movie universe.

According to producer Lauren Shuler Donne, they have granted Noah Hawley the freedom to do what he believes is best to be done. Cnet says the movie adaptations have been playing with different timelines. With the series version, the producer felt like taking a different time was fine and fans will not bother.

FX network president John Landgraf seconded Donne in his statement in a separate interview. According to the president, "Legion: is not in the continuity of the story of the film. The current X-men film happens in a universe where inhabitants of the planet Earth already know that mutants exists.

The president adds that "Legion" takes place in a parallel universe where the US government is only beginning to learn and believe what mutants are and that they exist. The public are clueless at this point in time. The president says the audience can expect that characters will not be moving between the series and the show since they are taking place in a parallel universe.

So, where are the X-Men? Since "Legion" has been repeatedly referred to as the X-men T.V. show, many wonder where they are. Guess viewers need to wait for the succeeding episodes to find out.

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