PewDiePie Gets Dropped By Disney, YouTube Reality Show Cancelled; Faces Social Media Meltdown Drop

By Johny Smith on Feb 17, 2017 03:48 PM EST

PewDiePie had tons of followers as evidenced by his 53 million YouTube subscribers. Such popularity certainly requires a lot of pushing against boundaries. But experience has taught as that the more viral internet stars become, the higher the chance they blow things over and find themselves in a social media melt-down.

Too Fab says PewDiePie, also known Swedish gamer Felix Kjellberg learned his lesson on fame and failure the hard way. The YouTube sensation's demise was triggered by a video he posted last January. The video featured two men holding up a sign that reads "Death to all Jews".

The sign caught in the video could have been a joke, but it was obviously a bad one. Many of his viewers and corporate sponsors found the sign offensive. Consequences instantly came one after the other; PewDiePie was dropped by Disney and he had his YouTube reality show cancelled at the same time.

Geek says some keen observers already saw PewDiePie's misfortune coming. PewDiePie has created enough scandals for himself in the recent years. For starters, he is known as internet's bad boy who posts outrageous videos about gaming and pop culture.

PewDiePie created media chaos when he announced that he will delete his YouTube channel as soon as he hits 50 million subscribers. A bunch of people instantly subscribed to see if he would act on his threat. But when he reached the milestone, PewDiePie ended up deleting his "Jack septiceye2" channel and said that he would only delete his main channel when subscribers reach to 100 million. Many became furious with the publicity stunt.

PewDiePie was also an obvious offender of the Federal Trade Commission's requirements on sponsorship deal disclosure. Bur perhaps the most glaring sign of PewDiePie's impeding misfortune was his bad relationship with the media of his home country.

Swedish publication Aftonbladet called PewDiePie sexist when he released a colorful videos featuring him as he tries to make a 3D digital sculpture of Nicki Minaj's bottom. Can PewDiePie recover from this mess? Share your thoughts.

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