Taylor Swift – Zayn Malik Collaborates For ‘Fifty Shades Darker’; Ed Sheeran Reveals How Popstar’s Music Are Kept Secret Before Release

By Johny Smith on Feb 15, 2017 11:31 AM EST

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik surprised everyone with a song collaboration for "Fifty Shades Darker". This is not the first time Taylor surprises fans with new music when nobody knew she's up to something. Best friend and fellow musician Ed Sheeran uncovers how Taylor manages to keep her music a secret before its official release.

She never missed out on dropping hints about her upcoming songs. And while other musicians worry about leaks, popstar Taylor Swift always, always manages to keep her music under the sheets until its release. Teen Vogue follows Ed Sheeran as he reveals how Taylor manages to keep her secrets.

According to singer song-writer slash guy best friend Ed Sheeran, the "Blank Space" artist puts on extra effort to make sure that her songs are safely tucked behind the sheets before release. The extreme measures begin with Taylor's first rule, never expose new music digitally.

According to Ed Sheeran, Taylor would never send her new songs online. If anybody needs to hear her new pieces, it has to be heard from Taylor herself, live. And if a live song demo is impractical, India Today says Taylor is more than willing to take drastic measures.

Ed Sheeran shares the enormous steps Taylor made when they worked together on the song "Everything Has Changed" which was under Taylor's album entitled Red. The singer says he was currently in San Francisco when Taylor sent someone to personally hand him a locked briefcase that contained an iPad that had the song on it.

Much to his surprise, after he finished listening to the song and confirming that it was good to go, Ed Sheeran says Taylor's guy took the iPad back. He watched as the guy locks the iPad back into the briefcase before leaving.

Talk about commitment. Considering that Tay Tay is one of the world's biggest popstars, she is doing the right thing. Those who are trying to look into her new music could just give up now.

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