Apple Patents Fingerprint Reading Display Technology; Will Launch With iPhone 8?

By Johny Smith on Feb 17, 2017 03:47 PM EST

Apple receives patent grant for fingerprint reading display technology. Tech giant hints intention to leverage LuxVue acquisition to integrate fingerprint reading technology to Apple gadgets. Sources further suggest that Apple will launch its latest innovation with the anticipated iPhone 8.

Apple recently acquired patent grant on display technology capable of fingerprint reading. Seems like the tech giant is looking into leveraging its LuxVue acquisition to integrate its latest technology which was patented last Tuesday into their gadgets. With the integration of the latest technology, Apple can entirely eliminate the need for a dedicated fingerprint sensor says Apple Insider.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Apple's U.S. Patent No. 9,570,002. Cnet reports that the patent was for an interactive display panel with IR diodes. The innovation on the touch display is capable of incorporating micro-LED sensing technology into the display. This is completely unique from the matrix hardware common to many mobile devices.

LuxVue is a relatively small company which specializes on highly efficient micro-LED displays and associated technology. In 2014, Apple purchased the firm for an undisclosed sum. With its latest patent grant, reports claim that Apple is now pushing towards leveraging its LuxVue acquisition.

Apple's latest technology enables complete replacement of bulky capacitive sensor components with infrared light emitters and sensors. The patent details the design for integrating touch panels and fingerprint sensors. Interestingly, such speculations support initial rumors that Apple's "iPhone 8" will be released with a full-face display with an invisible home button and Touch ID sensor.

With LuxVue and the latest patented technology, it is very much possible that Apple is looking into ditching Touch ID and altogether move into a new and more advanced system. A display touchscreen capable of serving as an input device and fingerprint scanner at the same time will save space and give way to increase in design flexibility. Apple's micro-LED touchscreen and fingerprint reader patent was initially filed in June 2014 crediting Kapil V. Sakariya and Tore Nauta as its inventors.

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