LeBron James’ Dominance: 'King' Of The Eastern Conference Not Ready To Give Up His Throne

By Johny Smith on Feb 23, 2017 10:40 AM EST

America's three-time NBA Finals MVP, LeBron James, is not giving up his throne in the conference. Though many tried and would try to beat LeBron in the NBA, the "King" seemed to be more confident that they would again make it to the top and remain to reign through the finals.

It is not actually surprising to know that everybody is going to beat James, whatever team he is on and whoever teammate he is with. From Bosh and Wade in Miami to Irving and Love in Cavaliers. In Sunday's All-Star Game, James has been one of the talked about personalities in the NBA.

Yahoo Sports says 32-year-old best player, James was very glad that his injured teammate, Kevin Love was substituted by Carmelo Anthony who will be a soon 33-year-old player. If not, he would have been the oldest of all the players in the Sunday's All-Star Game. He even said that he was very happy seeing 'Melo present on the floor.

Moreover, the 13-time NBA All-Star, James seemed to very persevering and is not surrendering his Eastern Conference throne. The "King" of the conference said he like the way he's playing right now, even in his age, he still is likely wanting to continue what he has started in NBA.

LeBron James refuted the issue that there's a rivalry between him and Steph Curry. Slam reported that James does not have a rivalry with Curry. It just happened and cannot be denied that the two superstars are really dominating in the conference.

However, many still would have believed that there is really a rivalry between the two players. Green said in an interview last month, it is really a rivalry. For the past consecutive two conference finals that they have been fighting for going through the top, it is undeniable.

Whatever may the issues between the two stars and their teams, may the best man and team win. And all that is important to James is, he is not ready to give up his throne. The "King" is still making his best going to the NBA finals for the third time.

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