Preservation Hall Jazz Band Explains New Orleans Is Big Part Of Cuban Music; Maren Morris Adds Modern Touch To PHJB Country Music

By BLindon on Feb 28, 2017 09:25 AM EST

A Youtube video of Preservation Hall Jazz Band has recently been discovered to have been filmed in Santiago de Cuba. What is impressive about the music video, which was recorded with the use of a smartphone back in 2015, is the Cuban percussionist who fell into the second-line groove.

New Orleans and Cuba's musical connection runs deeper than what most people have thought of. It has acted like a subtext on the band's album "So it is," which are all original tunes by bandleader and bassist Ben Jaffe with the help of tenor saxophone player Charlie Gabriel. The most notable of the songs is the lead single "Santiago" because it features frenetic, taut, Afrobeat groove. The entire song, in fact, recalled the Mardi Gras spirit, WPSU reported.

Jaffe, in a statement, explained that these sessions were inspired by a 2015 Cuba trip where they were able to experience a personal encounter with musical counterparts. According to him, a connection was immediately established between New Orleans and Cuba. He further added that the team automatically realized that New Orleans music is not a different entity, it is a large part of a much larger industry.

Dave Sitek of "TV on the Radio," who produced the album, also recalled that right after meeting the band, Jaffe and him encountered popular second-line parades and was struck by the spontaneous energy and joy of the live music. That started it all, he added.

Meanwhile, the new artist nominee Maren Morris took the stage with Preservation Hall Jazz Band during the Pre-Grammy's Bash held at the Nightingale Plaza. It was a holy moment as it brought together New Orleans' band and a modern country singer acting like they perfectly belonged to each other, Billboard reported.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band features Walter Harris the drummer, Branden Lewis the trumpet player, Ronell Johnson the trombonist, and Clint Maedgen the saxophonist. The band is having a North American tour, which will kick off on April 13 in California. Watch Preservation Hall Jazz Band - "Go To The Mardi Gras" | A Do512 Lounge Session here:


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