Roxane Gay 'Difficult Women' Review: Revolutionary Feminism Established

By BLindon on Mar 01, 2017 06:51 AM EST

Roxane Gay is set to represent a different school of thought of the 21st century intersectional feminist. On that note, the "Noble things" writer has launched a new short story collection that is in danger of saying that women may find abuse sexally satisfying and cathargic. Furthermore, Gay also plays with her words and lays out many of her flaws that may cease any pressure for perfection.

It should be noted that while Gay writes against the violence of children and the trauma of rape, the "La Negra Blanca" author also filled her new work, "Difficult Women" with women actually feeling pleasure in receiving abuse in sexual encounters. Moreover, if a man was gentle, her female characters would actually ask for it, The Guardian reported. A typical scene in the book tells of a woman being choked until the man's marks are left on her neck. She then waits to be punished and when she does, feels relieved.

Gay is also noted for her charm, intellect and mastery at writing striking openings. For instance, Gay opens up with "My husband is not a kind man, and with him I am not a good person" as well as "the stone-thrower lives in a glass house with his glass family." Furthermore, the "North Country" author has also been noted for the meticulous details she puts in her work that are understated yet exquisite.

Meanwhile, the "Untamed State" writer opens up her flaws and the flaws of other women in her recently published collection of essays. Apparently, her being a "bad feminist" is not her proclaiming to be a smarter and funnier feminist among all the other humorless feminists, Slate reported. On that note, Gay writes about failing as a woman and as a feminist.

Gay also admits that she is a mess of contradictions. It should be noted that in most of her essays, Gay probes into queries but never really coming up with a solution. It is believed that it is not because Gay does not think a solution exists, but that the path from inquiry to neat answers accost her sense of complexity. Watch Roxane Gay read from "Difficult Women" below:


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