Eventide Release Fission, The First Plug-in Structural Effect Technology

By NH on Mar 04, 2017 09:40 PM EST

Announced last month a new technology design, Eventide released their advanced technology "Fission" precisely on last February. Fission is the first plug-in that manages structural effects. This plug-in proceeds by splitting the sound, processes them separately, and then recombine it as a complete music.

As the first innovation in structural effect technology, Fission can separate sound into tonal and transient component. As Music Radar said it, these separate parts can be processed more easily through on hand easy-to-use features. For the sake of convenience, the screen is divided into three components. There is tonal effect on top, structural split in the middle, and transient effect at the bottom.

Tonal split can be processed through seven option of effects. There are Compressor, Chorus, EQ, Delay, Reverb, PitchShift, and Tremolo. And for transient split there are six effects; Delay, Tap Delay, Dynamics, Phaser, Reverb, and EQ Gate +. As for structural split, it is provided buttons for Smoothing, Trans Decay, Source Type, Focus and Charts, as well as green graphic tonal and blue graphic transient.

Overall, this new innovation plug-in by Eventide provides practical applications, such as Sound Design, Tuning Drums, Vocal Enhancement and Modification, Transient Shaping, Audio Restoration, and Loop Mangling. By an appropriate use of this application, it can produce a music that sounds natural.

Explained in Fission introduction, its features can eliminate noises and add certain sound effects. In addition, through vocal articulation, it can be modified problematic vocal in music. For instance, this plug-in is very helpful for creating a music without included any useless noises. It is said that Fission is practical to remove the sound of strings on the drum, to get rid of fret noise of guitar, and to soften the piano tone.

Eli Krantzberg, an author and music software trainer, lifted up his praise for this new technology from Eventide. He even expressed this plug-in has been providing comfort to previously unmet needs.

Eventide Fission is currently sold at a price of $ 97 instead of $ 179. This program can be installed on Microsoft Windows 7+ and Apple OS X 10.7+. To know better, Eventide provides a full-functioning 30-day demo of Fission.

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Watch this video for better understanding of Fission!

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