The Father of Chinese Conductor, Huang Feili Passed Away At His Glorious 99

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Huang Feili, widely known as Chinese rising conductor, has passed away at his noble age 99. It is reported Feili met his fate on Monday, Feb. 20. Leave off his old days, Feili was resting at his home in Beijing.

Born into an intellectual family background, Feili since early age was not put his interest for music. At first, he aspired to be a physician. Determined to his goal, he enrolled in the University of Shanghai for Department of Biology.

Stated in South China Morning Post, after graduated in 1941, the fate said another for Feili. Invaders enforced their way to Shanghai and he then decided to move to Fujian. Having once learned to play violin from Russian musician R.B. Gerzovsky, he shared that knowledge by becoming a teacher at National Fukien Conservatory.

Not being idle at that time, he learned to play piano and translate foreign language books. Two years involved in music made him even more passionate about it. He settled to become directly involved and make changes in it.

By 1948, he went to Yale University to put his musical abilities into shape. At that time, he received lessons from a prolific conductor Paul Hindemith. His decision to jump on music was not mistaken. Having incredible ability in playing the violin, Feili was selected to participate in New Haven Symphony.

He managed to acquire a professional degree in music on 1951. Though he got an offer to advance his musical career in Switzerland, Feili decided to fly back to China. He was then invited to become a teacher at Central Conservatory of Music. In 1956, he established a newly found Department of Conducting there.

Listed as a major step in his career, Feili got the chance to lead an ensemble in the mid-1970s. Reported in My Scena that thanks to his decent command, this group was developed into Beijing Symphony and later became one of the best orchestras in China.

Born on June 17, 1917, Feili ended his life at the age of 99 as mentioned in China Broadway World. In his lifetime, Feili has left valuable merits for china musical industry.  He was relentless even when facing difficult times as China was in domination.

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