Bergstock Music Launches A Kickstarter Campaign For Reversible Guitars With Modular Pickups

By Genevieve Gatia on Mar 07, 2017 08:41 AM EST

Every guitar player has different wants and needs from an instrument; Bergstock Music is aiming to solve all these problems. Bergstock Music launched on Kickstarter to fund the production of their two new models.

According to Bergstok, the new guitars models are AxeM and R103. The Kickstarter campaign started on March 1 and will be ending on April 6 and pledging $1,500 you can get either AxeM or R103.

Ever since its founding, the Bergstock Music is customizing guitar builds and aims to build a perfect guitar that allows for left or right-handed setup being a left handed player himself. Guitars featuring a wire-free pickup system that provides for super quick swaps and custom positioning and includes an integrated kickstand.

According to Kickstarter, the AxeM and R103 features a symmetrical body shape for left/right handed player. The guitars have three layers unique body designs that evoke a 3D carving the middle layer contacts the bolt-on neck for improved sound characteristics and the wings of the body will also function as handles as well as part of visual design.

The body of the guitar will have a maple middle body sandwiched between two 3/4" ash to have a really unique look. This design has a practical use for teachers who have students who are left-handed and right-handed swapping between sessions can be easy.

The guitars also feature magnetic modular free-form pickups allowing for placement of pickups anywhere on a pickup plate and easy change out of pickups. The pickup plate also functions as an electronics shielding plate.

The feature is also good for guitar players who want a wide range of pickups for more tone possibilities. And the guitars also will feature a magnetically latched spring assisted built-in kickstand which allows the guitars to stand by themselves.

The stand is held closed using magnets that latch to a steel plate and also functions as an electronics cover and shielding plate.

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