The World Ending Fire By Wendell Berry: Sentiments Of A Radical American Nature Writer

By Genevieve Gatia on Mar 08, 2017 11:45 AM EST

Wendell Berry, a Kentucky farmer, released a new book entitled The World Ending Fire: The Essentials on January 26, 2017. The unlikely writer woke the urge rediscover the best of radical America which Americans needed after Trump's election.

According to The Guardian, selected and introduced by Paul Kingsnorth, The World-Ending Fire: The Essential by Wendell Berry, is the condensation of a half-century campaign on behalf of old-style US agrarianism. The book is the new collection of his essays that defies most of the classifications of contemporary politics.

Wendell Berry describes himself as a farmer, environmental activist, novelist, poet, essayist, and economist. According to New States Man, the essays are part nature writing, part philosophy, and part polemic but mostly all the essays are about the thinning of topsoil being a farmer himself it is terrifying.

Berry examines the impact of humanity on the world asking questions like does the humanity unfit to use the land or the land is unfit to use. Berry pointed out the speed of soil erosion across America, Europe, and Asia.

He also emphasizes his sentiments on the way in which the US farming industry has abandoned its responsibility to the terrain it has been cultivating for the last century and a half. Berry believes that there is a music of nature and instead of not listening maybe the humanity should start listening to it.

He also voiced his defiance of the false call to progress and defense of the local landscapes that provide our cultural heritage. But he also shares his vision of hope, even the humanity is locked in an uneven struggle, but the humanity can and must begin to treat the land, their neighbors, and ourselves with respect and care.

He also urges that humanity must abandon arrogance and stand. All Berry's sentiments are understandable with Trump's administration implying that global warming is not a national crisis.

Once the natural resources will run out forcing a smaller and self-sustaining manner of living maybe Berry might have the last laugh.

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